Wanderoak - an adventurous and smart creative studio

Entrepreneur. Artist. Game-changer. Activist. Leader. Rebel. Change-maker.

You’re an optimist. A creator. You’re on an adventure and you’re enjoying the journey. You’re kind-hearted. You’re thoughtful. And you’re contributing to the world in a way that you’re passionate about.

You need a website that will support your vision.

You know a website is important. But maybe you don’t have one yet or the one you do have is dragging your vision down, instead of leading the vanguard.

A website should not only align with your vision, but actively help you make it a reality. Does yours?

Before we hired Wanderoak, our platform and mobile experience was an absolute mess. Rather than being able to grow our audience and our brand, we were struggling to attract people to a site experience with no real return.

Note from Wanderoak: We designed + developed the site in 2016. They have since made changes.

Laila Alawa , The Tempest Check out The Tempest

A great website is beautiful, functional, and tailored.

You have this great vision – a message you want to spread, a product that’s going to help people, a cause you’re passionate about, and a website should be helping you succeed.

You are exactly who we help best. Who we want to work with.

We’ll start from wherever you currently are and work towards a beautiful website designed with purpose, made with heart, and built to drive specific actions.

Every detail matters, so when that’s done, we’re happy to extend your vision to any medium that’ll get you closer to your goals. The way we see it, your vision and needs should not be forced into a cookie cutter project scope. All our projects are unique; crafted to give you as much value as possible.

Bobbi and Aurooba gave me a website that was exactly like I described and beyond. They’ve been quick and helpful in their responses to emails. They anticipated my needs in creating shortcodes that give me control over my website the way I need to use them. It’s been a pleasure to work together.

Anna Damiano , Polished Arrow Editing Check out Polished Arrow Editing

You deserve a crew who cares about your work and will do it justice.

We put high value on your experience and understanding. You show up to your work 100% every single day and that’s what you’ll get from us too: 100% from start to finish (and longer probably, because we like to stay in touch and help you as much as we can).

So, while the most tangible result of working with us will always be a website, it’s actually more than that. It’s about your larger vision, end goal, and experience during the project.

I loved the communication and the clarity with which everything was carried out, the instructions, and the Skype conversations. I really felt like I could get help if I was struggling with the website.

Zainab Merchant , Zainab Rights Check out Zainab Rights

We are Wanderoak

An adventurous, thoughtful, curious, and smart creative studio. We make really great stuff with purposeful design to help inspiring people and businesses make a positive difference in this world.

We believe in moments of happiness – big and small alike. Reaching for new ideas while respecting our roots. We know laughter makes everything better and change is meant to be embraced.

Take life in stride, explore, and enjoy the journey. Live with heart.

And can we tell you a secret?

We actually care about your success, and our big goal is to do everything in our power to help you get there. Designing and crafting websites isn’t just our job, it’s our way of helping make a difference.

(It’s not a secret. Tell your friends.)

Guys, @wanderoak are smart, savvy, crazy ethical + helpful. Any of us would be lucky to have them design a site.

Sarah Von Bargen , Yes & Yes Source

The Short Version

You’re passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

You know a website is important but what you have right now doesn’t align with your vision.

You want to work with people who care about your work and will do it justice.

We’re Wanderoak and you’re exactly who we help best.