End of Year Promotions – Wanderoak

Free month of support with a new Support Plan

We offer support retainers! This support retainer could be used to help you keep the content on your website updated, create new pages, add new functionality, design marketing materials, or anything else that we’re able to help you with. The goal is to make managing your website easier, take any tasks off your hand that you’d rather not do, and create new things for you to make your digital experience better as you grow.

If you sign up for a 6 month support retainer, we’ll give you the 7th month for free. The retainer is super flexible with multiple levels you can switch between on a month-to-month basis depending on your needs. Get in touch to find out more about the different plans we have available.

WordPress Coaching: $50 off a 3hr Session

We recently started offering WordPress coaching sessions, and they’ve been very successful. Here’s what one of our clients had to say after we finished the session:

I want to thank Aurooba for giving me the confidence to make updates to my website and to not be so afraid of breaking it:) My understanding of how WordPress and my website works went from ‘very low’ to ‘wow, I can actually do this’ in just a three hour session.

Carrie B. , Hannis Pizza

If you would like a hands-on learning session where we explore WordPress deeply, this is the time to book! We’re offering the 3-hour sessions for $250; normally it’s $300. 3 hours has been the maximum amount of time someone can consume new information about WordPress without getting overwhelmed, and by the end of the session, clients feel extremely confident about using WordPress.

The sessions can happen in person if you’re in Calgary or on Skype if you’re located elsewhere. The session doesn’t have to be this year, however, it must be booked this year if you’d like the discount. We have a number of time slots available; if you’re interested, just let us know and we’ll find the time that works best for you.

Free month of support with a new Website Project

If you’ve been thinking about a redesign or a new website for a new project, this is a great time to sign up. We’re offering a free month of support that’s available to you after the website is complete. It could be used to add an previously unforeseen feature, get assistance with marketing and launching, or get hands on help with new content. You can view our website packages here.

Mini Websites: $500 (limited spots available)

We’re beta testing a new service! At the moment we offer two types of websites: a Starter Website and a Tailored Website.

Both types of websites take a lot of planning and thought. But sometimes all you need is a really really tiny website (sometimes just a single well designed landing page) that looks great and houses a bit of information.

It’s ideal for a personal website

A place to display your projects, information about yourself, and a way for people to get in touch.

It’s ideal for your wedding

It’s ideal if you want to have a small wedding website with information for your guests and a little about the wedding.

It’s ideal for a small in-house project

Do you have a small in-house project that you want to create a separate online space for? Perhaps a new service or product? Or maybe you have a brand new company and you need a landing page whipped up really fast? This is perfect for that.

So we’re introducing Mini Websites: Zero to Launched in 2 days.

You’ll get:
  • Basic Branding
  • A beautiful design
  • Full setup (you choose the hosting and domain, and we’ll do all the set up for you)
  • A custom built WordPress website (so you never have to touch code to edit things)
  • A video and written instructions on how to use your Mini Website.

We’re looking to test the process and get feedback on how we can improve. In return for being one of our beta-testers, we want to offer you a 60% discount. The entire Mini Website will cost $500 for beta-testers. We have limited spots for this, so the sooner you book one, the better. The project doesn’t have to be this year, however, it must be booked this year. We have a number of time slots available, if you’re interested, just email us.