Narmeen Saiyed – Mini Website Case Study

Narmeen Saiyed

The queen of all trades.

Narmeen Saiyed is a busy woman. Between running various social media accounts for clients, doing graphic design work, and running her own business, she did not have the time or patience to create the website she wanted. Enter Mini Website and two quick thinkers (that’s us!) — the perfect fit for Narmeen’s situation.

Creating an expressive brand.

Narmeen already had a bit of a start to her branding — a logo, a colour she wanted to keep, and a minimal style.

We took these things and ran with them, piecing together a brand that well represented Narmeen’s bubbly, kind personality and her love of photography; a brand that could be expressive but not overpowering, letting her work shine through.

The fonts and colours were chosen to be minimal, friendly, but able to command attention when required. The combination needed to be readable, versatile, and expressive.

Finding a heading font that felt right when her name was written out was very important to Narmeen. We went through quite a few fonts (that’s a bit of an understatement, of course) to find the right one, with feedback from Narmeen along the way.

Choosing components.

With our Mini Websites, there is a choice to be made about which components to design + build. We give options, and help clients choose which ones would be best for them, based on the content they’ve shared and the things they’d like to be able to do on their website.

Since Narmeen is a freelancer, one very important component for her was the content grid. Narmeen has many packages available — the content grid is the perfect component for displaying those packages in a visual way and making sure the options aren’t overwhelming.

Other components were chosen and designed to make it easy for Narmeen to share testimonials and blog posts on any page of the website.

THIS WAS AMAZING. I was easily able to create exactly what I wanted with this website. Aurooba and Bobbi were immensely helpful, and amazingly easy to work with. I would recommend [them] to everyone and their moms, for a quick or an intricate web based project. I’ve received 3 serious inquiries for clients – I’m in the works with a potential new client starting next month AND am doing quite a few one-off designs!

The page builder.

Each of our Mini Websites comes with a page builder, which allows you to build a page using stackable components. Because Narmeen is a freelancer, she’ll be updating her website often with new portfolio items, new testimonials, and perhaps new offerings.

She needs to be able to easily make changes on the fly, and create new pages when inspiration strikes. The page builder gives her this versatility — new pages can be built from scratch whenever she needs them, and each element of each component is optional. If she wants one grid item with a heading and a button, and another with an image and some text, no problem!

Getting paid online.

One of Narmeen’s issues as a freelancer was getting paid. Her clients often paid her by cheque, which often came late. One of the banes of client services is not getting paid when you expect to get paid. Since Mini Websites come with Gravity Forms and a choice of one payment add-on, she is now able to set up recurring payments charged to her clients’ credit cards automatically. It makes getting paid much easier, with a guaranteed amount of income landing in her account on a specific date every month; she can set that against any one-off payments or extra payments that may not arrive on time.

A design that stays out of the way.

Narmeen needed a design that doesn’t overpower the work she is sharing. She wanted the website to share the work she is doing, inspire others, and get clients. For all those things, the design needed to be able to incorporate her work, and show it off (as opposed to her work blending into the site or clashing with her own branding).

There are no flashy backgrounds, and splashes of colour are used for emphasis. Almost every component has a built in (and optional) image area, so there are plenty of options for sharing her work, depending on the context.

This has been long awaited in terms of progress for my personal business, and I’m so glad I decided to invest in this. I’ve had so many people visit the website and say that they really really loved it. It’s a nice and easy way for me to display my work and show people exactly what I offer.

You can explore the site over at