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WordPress Coaching

So you’ve got a WordPress website and you want to learn how to manage it all on your own? We’ve got you. We’ll do a private session that’s very hands on and tailored to you specifically.

Typically, we have a 3 hour session where we go through how WordPress works fundamentally, an overview of all the native abilities of WordPress, the unique functions of your particular website, and how to make changes and additions, including tackling all the questions you have about your website.

The value that Wanderoak added was the professional opinion about aesthetics unique to my field. Aurooba knows and understands what my field requires, as well as knowing the WordPress code. So, she could offer opinions on how my website should look and how to make it look that way.

Deborah Sword., Deborah Sword, Writer

This gives you a very solid foundation in how WordPress operates so you’re able to troubleshoot many problems yourself and feel empowered to make advanced changes if/when you need.

I want to thank Aurooba for giving me the confidence to make updates to my website and to not be so afraid of breaking it:) My understanding of how WordPress and my website works went from ‘very low’ to ‘wow, I can actually do this’ in just a three hour session.

Carrie B., Hannis Pizza

The 3 hour session costs $300 + GST.

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