How I Do Social Media Marketing Stress Free

How I Do Social Media Marketing Stress Free

Social media marketing can be exhausting. I’ve had times when I was super on it and then suddenly, I would get drained and stop doing anything online for months on end. This is especially apparent with Wanderoak’s social media.

But recently, I’ve been doing a lot better! My secret: a schedule and a relaxed routine.

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I sat down one day and asked myself these two questions:

  1. How much time do I want to spend on social media?
  2. What social media channels are the most important to our business?

I decided that I would be okay spending 30 minutes every day on social media. I would feel accomplished and productive in this department if I spent this much time on it every day.

What channels were the most important? Originally I wrote down:

Designer News
Hacker News
Product Hunt

After doing this for a while that changed to:

Designer News
Hacker News
Product Hunt

I wasn’t ready to go completely gung-ho on social media, but I also knew that consistent effort over a long period of time would pay off. I want Wanderoak to get that pay off eventually, so my mantra became ‘do a little everyday.’ I’m not focussed on being perfect and I’m not focussed on using every strategy out there. Right now it’s about daily effort in the right direction.

Right now it’s about good enough.

We signed up for a trial of Sweep (a new piece of software from Amy Hoy) – and it’s been really helpful for how we tackle recurring tasks in our business. So I set up a daily recurring workflow called 30 Minutes Social Media with the following tasks:

Snapshot of the Social Media Marketing Workflow


Buffer 4 Posts

Snapshot of our Buffer, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action

I buffer 2 posts from different sources and 2 posts from our own blog. These get scheduled on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I try to use hashtags where appropriate and leave some commentary on the shared link to personalize it a little bit.

Twitter Engagement (5min)

Snapshot of Aurooba's TweetDeck set up, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action

I go through our feed and interact with what’s happening in there. I like  tweets, reply  to some, thank people who’ve shared our posts, etc. I use TweetDeck for that. The search is smart enough to look inside shortened links so it pulls up any shared link from I enjoy interacting with—and getting to know—people who share our posts.

Instagram Engagement (5min)

Instagram, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action
one of my favourite local hashtag feeds to peruse

I open up the Instagram app on my phone, and leave comments, and peruse hashtag feeds that fit our vibe. I’ve discovered many people who are interesting and great to follow this way. Sometimes it even results in increased engagement on our own page. 😉

5 pins/likes Pinterest

One of our Pinterest Boards, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action

I sometimes end up skipping this. I haven’t quite got the hang of using Pinterest for business. But I’ve been creating some boards and adding things I feel other people who find Wanderoak might find interesting and helpful! You should give us a follow, it’ll be encouragement for me. 🙂

Designer News (Engage 2)

Snapshot of Aurooba's DN profile, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action

I’ve actually started to really enjoy Designer News. There’s usually interesting conversations and links there, and the more I try to interact, the more I find I can interact. My goal is to leave comments on at least 2 pieces, but I do sometimes settle for upvoting one piece and commenting on another.

Reddit (Engage 2)

Aurooba's Most Successful Reddit Contribution to date, Social Media Marketing Workflow in action

I love being helpful! I lurk around /r/WordPress a lot and leave helpful comments when people ask questions or share what I know in an effort to help people. My most successful post to date has been one where I shared a caching issue that was introduced in the latest major release of WordPress.

I’ve found that the entire routine takes me between 30 to 45 minutes. I try to do it as the first task of my day because it’s not very stressful, gets my creative juices flowing (all those interesting articles I have to read so I can share them), and makes me feel productive right from the start of my day.

Once I’ve done my routine, I don’t think about it anymore. That’s right. That’s all the social media I do for the business in a day. Could I do more? Yes. Could I be doing better? Yes. But just doing this much has resulted in increased exposure for our business and brought new subscribers to our list (although there is a LOT of room for improvement).

That's right. That's all the social media I do for the business in a day. Click To Tweet

We’re motivated to blog weekly because we have actual eyes on our writing now. It no longer feels like we’re writing into a vacuum. When you’re writing for an audience and you don’t have an audience, it can feel sucky and like a waste of time. So working on our social media, being helpful to the community on a daily basis, and providing value by sharing not only our posts but other people’s helpful posts has been a really good thing.

The key thing is, I don’t want this to become a stressful task. I want it to feel relaxed and fun, so I try not to overthink it too much. I also try and create spontaneous content, but I don’t stress out about it if I don’t. As long as I get my 30 minutes done in the day, it’s good enough.

I’m planning on sharing our low key (and stress free!) routine for promoting our articles soon.

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