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Mini Website

Who It’s For

You need a professional website with a few features up quickly. You don’t need an extensive brand but you want something unique, flexible, and fast.

This is ideal if you need a small informational website, an event website, a landing page, or a personal website that describes who you are (freelancer, working professional, a student looking to market yourself, etc).

What It Is

A lightning fast website project designed to get you from zero to launched in less than 3 days.

How Long It Takes

3 days.

Mini websites are booked for specific days. You choose from our available days, with enough time beforehand to get some homework done. We start, do awesome things, and three days later your website is launched.

Just like that. Done and done.

What It Includes

Basic branding // 2 fonts, set headings, simple logo using one of the fonts, 5 colours, mini brand guide

Beautiful web design

Full set up // you choose and pay for the hosting and domain, and we’ll do all the setup for you

Custom built WordPress website // so you never have to touch code when making changes to your website

Powerful form builder // allows you to easily create complex forms (can be used for client intake, testimonials, feedback, etc) and accept PayPal payments

Simple blog // index + post layouts

4 components // building blocks to help you build your own layouts; you’ll get a text component + 3 of your choosing

Social media integration // icons you can update and change on your website

Video + written instructions // on how to use your Mini Website

How Much It Costs

$1200 $600 + GST

We’re looking to test the process and get feedback on how we can improve. In return for being one of our second phase beta-testers, we want to offer you a 50% discount. The entire Mini Website will cost $600 for beta-testers.

We have limited spots and time slots available for this, so the sooner you book one, the better. If you’re interested, click Get Started below.

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