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Making the Web

A conversation starter on what we can do to make the Internet a more open and adventurous place. Where more people are making the web and not just consuming it.

Helping Tiny Businesses Launch Better Websites

Sometimes you just need a small website that showcases what your business is about and the few important things people need to see. Enter mini websites. Because you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a beautiful and easy to use website that you can be proud of.

How I Do Social Media Marketing Stress Free

Consistently marketing on social media can feel stressful and draining. I share how overcame those issues and created a simple daily routine that brings results. My secret: a schedule and a relaxed routine.

8 Reasons Why Going Outside is Awesome

I can’t be the only one who, for some reason or another, fails to do things that make me happy, that I love, and that have brought me only good things. So here are some reminders for why going outside is awesome, and why you should totally do it more often.

How to Manage Stripe Payments in Quickbooks

We made the leap from hacked together Excel sheets to using real accounting software. This is an easy tutorial on how to manage Stripe payments in your accounting software.

Why clients deserve control over their website layouts

The conversation around the upcoming new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, has rattled many people, and the subject of layout control has become a heated one. This is our take on why this is a good thing not a bad thing.